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How Ferndale Got Its Name And Borders

Fern PlantThe most authenticated version of how Ferndale got its name is that a lineman stringing wires atop a pole in the early 1900s looked around at the sea of ferns below him and in a report of his location wrote “fern dale” (dale, meaning an open space).

Then, in 1917, when formally incorporated, the village was designated “Ferndale” by the first Village president, Lovell G. Turnbull, who, like the lineman, noted the many ferns that characterized the area.

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The Borders of Ferndale as voted upon by residents in the area of the proposed Village: As announced in the Royal Oak Tribune, Friday, July 1917, “The boundaries of the proposed village are as follows: Commencing at a point east of the first tier of lots facing west on the Campbell road thence west on the 9 ½  road to about one-quarter mile west of Ridge road, thence south to the 9 mile road, thence east on the 9 mile road to the west line of the lots facing east on the Ridge road, thence south to the Detroit limits at the 8 mile road, thence east to the rear of the lots facing west on the Campbell road, thence north to the place of beginning. This territory includes about four square miles. The lots on either side of the Campbell road and Ridge road were included so these streets may be paved without first getting consent of the township board.”
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