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Castle on the Nine model Photo
Model of the Castle on the Nine by Robert Mamo
Castle on the Nine building c1930 Photo 434 West 9 Mile near Lincoln High school c1930

The Castle on the Nine came about after the depression when young people who graduated from high school wanted to further their education but could not afford it, and employment was hard to find.

Youth Incorporated was formed, and under supervision the eager young people set-about to gather bank certificates, which were negotiable from local residents who felt the certificates were of little value. When enough certificates were collected, they were redeemed for the property which was owned by the defunct bank.

With the help of local craftsmen who offered their services and with some donated materials, they began to renovate the building and in the process learned trade skills furthering their education.
When the building was done, they offered various classes such as Basketball, Photography, Auto Repair, Home Nursing, Philosophy, Current History just to name a few if there was 10 or more people interested.

In 1932, 300 people made constructive use of their leisure time at the Castle. A brochure put out in 1933 listed some 37 activities available to the Youth of Ferndale and Pleasant Ridge ages 16-60 with free time. One very popular activity was dances that were held outside, and at times was so loud, but not rowdy, that residents began to complain.Youth Incorporated Logo Photo

As economic times improved, the programs gradually started to be abandoned and eventually the end came for the Castle on the nine which was the forerunner of the Community Center.

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