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Charles F. Jaeger, Sr.

Charles F. Jaeger, Sr.
1884 - 1970

Born in Germany in 1884, Charles Frederick Jaeger, Sr. was a resident of Ferndale for 50 years. Census records show that he lived in Battle Creek, Michigan, in 1900. His WWI draft record indicated that he was a self-employed businessman that ran a coffee supply company in Highland Park, Michigan with a business partner. Over the years he lived Escanaba, Cass City, and the majority of his life in Ferndale. He built the home at 215 West Woodland street with his sons in 1929. He also built many houses in the metro-area as a contractor/builder. He was a lifetime member of the Ferndale Lodge 506, F and AM.

Mr. Jaeger was a husband, father, contractor and most notably an inventor. As an inventor, he had patented many items. He invented a power saw attachment that ran off the crack shaft of an automobile engine. He invented a water pump that was used by many fire departments. This water pump was also used by the agricultural industry to water farm land. He patented pre-fab house panels that could be manufactured at the factory and brought to the site and assembled as little in a day once the foundation was formed. One of his most notable inventions was the creation of rear coil springs for automobiles.

The coil spring design was used on the Jaeger motor car which was of his design and would feature the coil springs. In test runs this design proved to provide much better handling over the current leaf spring design used by cars at the time.

Mr. Jaeger's wife Mary passed away in January 1970. He had 4 sons (Howard, Edward, Louis, Charles, Jr.) and 1 daughter (Charlotte) and many grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Charles F. Jaeger passed away June 20, 1970 at Beaumont Hospital at the age of 86. He lived at 224 Wordsworth at the time of his death. A memorial service was held at Spaulding & Curtin funeral home, 500 West Nine Mile. Funeral services were held at Zion Lutheran Church and conducted by Rev. George Halsted. He is laid to rest at Oakview Cemetery in Royal Oak.

Patent for attachment
Drawing for an attachment that powers
a saw which was patented in 1926
Factory Constructed Home 1941
One of seven model type Jaeger factory constructed homes that was built in 1941.
1st Jaeger Motor Car
Charles Jaeger seated in the 1st Jaeger car. Standing is associate Harold Day.
Shares in Jaeger Motor Car certificate
Shares that was issued to Lewis
Jaeger in the Jaeger Motor Car company
Jaeger's home he built in Ferndale
215 West Woodland, Ferndale. Mr. Jaeger built this house with his sons in 1929.
Patent for Pre-fab housing
Patent drawing for prefabricated house panels and method to assemble them.
Cass City Serial Number 5
Cass City car serial number 5.
Patent design for rear Coil Springs
Jaeger's patent design for Coil Springs.
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