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Website Sources and Credits

Photographs and material from Ferndale Historical Museum files
Ferndale City Council Meeting Minutes
Ferndale City records
Burton Collection
(Royal Oak) Daily Tribune newspaper clippings and online archives
"Ferndale of Yesteryear" - Maurice F. Cole
"Old Timers tell it like it was" - Ferndale Historical Society
"Tough as Nails: A History of the Ferndale Fire Department" - Chief Roger Schmidt
Lincoln Mural - Ferndale Board of Education
Lincoln Mural Artists research - Sherry A. Wells
B'Wana Don research and history - Pat Hunt, Don Hunt, David Lungu
Jaeger Motor Car Photo - Courtesy of National Automotive History Collection, Detroit Public Library
Albert Bates Research - Garry Andrews, Jean Spang
Ray White - Pictures courtesy The White Family, Video courtesy Delmar Schmidt, WFRN

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